Your Redundancy Toolkit

A complete toolkit to allow your SME business to carry out a legal redundancy process – without the worry.

Your Redundancy Toolkit

Are you an employer forced to make redundancies because of Coronavirus?
Want to make staff redundant but unsure where to start?
Don’t have your own HR Team to help out?

Developed by expert lawyers, Redundancy Toolkit gives you everything you need to run a fair and legal redundancy process and redundancy consultation in your small or medium sized business.

√ Expert Legal Advice

Written and developed by expert employment lawyers, your Redundancy Toolkit also comes with an hour of expert advice with a lawyer.

√ Redundancy Policy

A comprehensive redundancy policy so that you, your managers and your employees know exactly what to expect of the redundancy process.

√ Redundancy Guide

A solicitor written detailed eBook guide to redundancy law, redundancy process and all the steps you need to take to get redundancy right.

√ Template Letters

All the template letters you’ll need to send out to employees, but bespoke to your business and its requirements.

√ Redundancy Forms

You’ll get a bespoke redundancy selection form (also known as a redundancy selection matrix) to help score individual employees. 

√ Video Guide

Access to videos recorded by our lawyers to help you through each stage of redundancy.

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Your Redundancy Law Lawyers

Steven Mather

Steven Mather

Founder & Consultant Solicitor


Femi Ogunshakin

Femi Ogunshakin

Consultant Solicitor

Amy Leite

Amy Leite

Consultant Solicitor

Stuart Pace

Stuart Pace

Consultant Solicitor

About The Redundancy Toolkit

Are you a small business looking to make redundancies? The Redundancy Toolkit is just what you need.

Our comprehensive toolkit allows you to carry out a full redundancy process with your employees without the cost of an expensive HR team, HR advisor or solicitor. Yet, you get everything you need to deal with it yourself – and everything is written by solicitors, so you can be sure that it’ll all be legal and up to all the latest standards.

But you won’t be on your own. You’ll also get 1 hour of included support by video or phone with one of our expert employment law and redundancy lawyers, to guide you through the Toolkit and to tweak anything to suit you and your business.

Yes, the Redundancy Toolkit isn’t simply an off-the-shelf template redundancy guide. Our lawyers will help you, customise your documents and give you the support and legal advice required to get everything done properly.

Want to carry out a fair and legal redundancy process? Then the Redundancy Toolkit is exactly what you need. You’ll get:

  • expert legal advice
  • a written guide to redundancy
  • a video guide to the redundancy process
  • a redundancy policy
  • all the template letters you’ll need
  • a template redundancy selection form/matrix
  • discounted legal fees on any further legal advice

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Expert Redundancy Law Solicitors

The Redundancy Toolkit was created by Steven Mather, a Consultant Solicitor with Nexa Law. Nexa is one of the UK’s top next-generation law firms, and has a wide range of top quality legal experts across England & Wales. Your Redundancy Toolkit is supported by employment lawyers at Nexa.

Each lawyer has at least 10 years of experience, and will expertly guide you through the redundancy process and the Redundancy Toolkit, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will not have to deal with any employment tribunal claims which often follow poorly managed redundancies.

Answers to Your Questions

Do we need a lawyer to do a redundancy process?

No. You could just do it yourself or read the ACAS Guide to making staff redundant. You might have an HR Partner, or HR Advisor, in which case you won’t need the Redundancy Toolkit. However, if like most small and medium sized businesses you don’t have in-house HR support and don’t want to incur the full cost of employing a solicitor, then the Redundancy Toolkit is for you.

Will I be doing it all alone?

Not at all. The Redundancy Toolkit comes with up to an hour of expert legal advice and support from a qualified and experienced employment lawyer 

Does the Toolkit contain everything we will need to make staff redundant?

Yes, you’ll get all the paperwork needed to carry out a redundancy process – plus you’ll get an hour with a lawyer as well.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £950 plus VAT plus £7.20 per director for online ID verification. This gets you the whole toolkit, all you need, plus time with a lawyer. You can buy more time if required but most businesses find 1 hour of support enough, as the guides in the Toolkit are detailed.

Our Reviews

  • Steven is very professional and explained in real terms. Looked at everything from all angles and explained all of the... read more

    Cory Shackleton Avatar
    Cory Shackleton

    I can only praise Steven. I am a new business and he has given me so much valuable advice. He... read more

    Anna Swinfield Avatar
    Anna Swinfield

    Steven is highly knowledgable, professional and caring. He goes the extra mile to ensure the best outcome for clients.

    Horse Shoe Avatar
    Horse Shoe
  • Steven’s speed and support in a very stressful situation was absolutely vital in making the whole process straightforward and calming.... read more

    Cook J Avatar
    Cook J

    After engaging with Steven through his website I was quickly and professionally contacted in an initial call to understand my... read more

    03121976 Ddx Avatar
    03121976 Ddx

    Steven was really helpful and reviewed very quickly. His advice has helped significantly in determining fair terms with my client.... read more

    Dave Ward Avatar
    Dave Ward
  • Steven helped me with the potential sale of my business. When I first contacted him he was on holiday... read more

    Angela Moore Avatar
    Angela Moore

    I've worked with Steven for a number of yeears. Unsually, very commercially minded, and can get to the nub... read more

    Rishabh Prasad Avatar
    Rishabh Prasad

    After being offered a settlement agreement by my employer, I required a legal advisor to sign off the agreement.... read more

    Steve Musitano Avatar
    Steve Musitano
  • Professional approach, very responsive and quick turnaround for a contract review. Top marks from me.

    Neil Brammall Avatar
    Neil Brammall

    Steven was extremely helpful, friendly and supportive in reviewing an agreement. He explained everything easily and was there to answer... read more

    L Snowden Avatar
    L Snowden

    Steven provided me with a great service on some Independent Legal advice I needed in respect of a security payment... read more

    D W Avatar
    D W
  • Being able to legally swear a document using an online video meeting facility is a complete game changer. Saved us... read more

    Julie Turpin Avatar
    Julie Turpin

    I recently required a legal advisor to help with a settlement agreement, and after various searches, I have found Steven... read more

    Sreejan Rajendra Kumar Avatar
    Sreejan Rajendra Kumar

    Steven was fantastic for our business and was enormously helpful in navigating us through a contract dispute. He's clear and... read more

    Jamie Westwood Avatar
    Jamie Westwood

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