What’s in the Redundancy Toolkit?

If you’re looking at making redundancies, then you need this toolkit.

“It’s a minefield”

Lots of employers tell us that employment law is a minefield. With our help, we’ll guide your small business through the whole redundancy process.

Has your business been forced to consider redundancy because of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Many small and medium sized businesses are in the same boat, having to make redundancies in difficult circumstances. For many, it might be the first time their company has had to make staff redundant.

The Redundancy Toolkit is your compete solution to conducting a fair and legal redundancy process.

You’ll get:

  • expert advice from a lawyer
  • a comprehensive guide to redundancy
  • video guides
  • bespoke written redundancy policy
  • all the template letters you’ll need
  • a redundancy selection form
  • further advice can be added if required

A Fair And Reasonable Redundancy Process

In 2019, over 10,000 of the claims submitted to the Employment Tribunals were about redundancy pay or redundancy dismissals.

And it’s quite easy to get things wrong. Slip up, and you’ll face a claim for unfair dismissal / unfair redundancy dismissal. What’s worse, if you don’t follow a fair process, a Tribunal could order you to pay an additional 25% compensation to your employees.

Your Redundancy Toolkit will ensure that you follow the right process – a fair and reasonable redundancy process – one which meets ACAS guidelines on redundancy and which is approved by the legal team at Nexa Law.

Expert Legal Support Throughout

The Redundancy Toolkit isn’t just a pack of template documents that’s no use to man nor beast. What makes the Redundancy Toolkit different is that it’s a bespoke package created specially for your business following an initial consultation meeting with your employment lawyer.  Here’s an overview of our process:

  1. You place your order for Redundancy Toolbox, agreeing to the Nexa Law terms and conditions and dealing with some compliance (we’ll need to get ID for each director in your business, as Nexa Law is regulated and authPrized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority).
  2. You meet with your appointed lawyer (by phone or video call) to discuss your specific requirements and So the lawyer can understand your business objectives, in order that your Redundancy Toolbox can be customised.
  3. Within 10 Business Days you’ll get access to the complete Redundancy Toolbox 
  4. You deal with the guided redundancy process yourself and if at any point you have some questions or queries, you can email your lawyer direct for further advice and information.
  5. Most employers don’t need further advice, but if you do, then you can buy a top up of add on time with your lawyer.

Your Redundancy Law Lawyers

Steven Mather

Steven Mather

Founder & Consultant Solicitor


Femi Ogunshakin

Femi Ogunshakin

Consultant Solicitor

Amy Leite

Amy Leite

Consultant Solicitor

Stuart Pace

Stuart Pace

Consultant Solicitor

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